The solar: a race against the clock !


Even the auto sector is seeing huge growth in electric vehicles (which displeases the oil industry).

To meet this need, electricity suppliers will either have to produce more at the same cost, or charge more ...
Solar energy is not profitable for a large production, electricity suppliers will not make this kind of investment. And this will be felt directly on the invoices received; demand up, even production so increase in Kw ...
A rise in power of the individual solar is therefore essential, not only for its purchasing power but also from an ecological point of view.
From a social point of view, the demand for solar solutions, will generate employment, whether for manufacturing, distribution or installation. New jobs will be created in this area.
The purchase of a complete solution to be able to answer this problematic is therefore essential, whether from an ecological, social or personal point of view.
The future is on! And he will not wait until everything is resolved by the others to continue his race. It is therefore necessary now to take things in hand in order to anticipate our future.
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