What is a solar panel ?


A solar panel captures solar energy in the Thermal form or Photovoltaic form.

For the Thermic:

Recovery of the collected thermic heat is used to heat water or heat transfer fluid.
For Photovoltaics:

Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells. Its elements are made of semiconductor materials that release electrons.
The electrons once released from the constituent materials the cells under the action of photons allow the production of an electric current.
This time solar energy is collected and transformed (via an inverter) into usable electricity in your home.

There are three forms of photovoltaic cells:
  1. Monocrystalline cells, they form a two-layer crystal, mostly silicon, their performance varies between 15 and 20% but they are expensive in construction.
  2. The polycrystalline cells, they are made of several crystals, their price by the fact, becomes less expensive and the yield is 10 to 13%.
  3. The amorphous cells, their yields are very low and their prices are very low too.

The energy potential transmitted by the sun on the earth for one hour, could meet our energy needs for a year.
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